European Cybersecurity


with operational criteria of confidence for products and services, find the cybersecurity solutions adapted to your specific environnement.

Making choices faster
and easier
Speeds up the creation of your specifications
Increases Vendors transparency
Find all strategic information in one place
Strategic Autonomy
Measure your dependencies to solutions
Dream up by
A collaborative innovation from users, consultants and vendors

a collaborative innovation
on the move

Join our open innovation process !

Dozens of people were involved in creating the platform.
And that's not all: you too can join us, develop the possibilities of the repository, influence the roadmap for future developments, and take part in 42k workgroups!

« CISOs need decision-support tools in order to assess non-technological risks and guarantee an overall level of security that remains stable over time.

To get answers quickly, our ecosystem was sorely lacking a European platform that was independent, transparent and useful to both buyers and sellers. »

Benoît Moreau

Cybersecurity Director, KNDS (an EU defense company),

who came up with the idea for this repo !

A complementary approach to
certification and auditing

The 42k.io repo has been designed to enable solution and service providers to quickly update their information. Accessible to all players, including startups, it enables you, as a buyer, to quickly pre-select solutions compatible with your organizational requirements, and thus take time to dig into the specifics of the solutions.

Datas are provided under the responsibility of the vendors, who can also specify any certifications or audits they have or are in the process of passing, as well as the organizations/associations in which they participate, so that you can easily check certain data. If you notice any omissions or errors, a correction and moderation mechanism has been set up.