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When registering, each supplier fills in two questionnaires: one concerning his company, the other concerning the solution(s). In all, this represents around 140 open and closed questions.
The benchmark does not consider that there is a right or wrong answer. On the other hand, it does encourage transparency on the part of the supplier by scoring the number of questions completed. Results are displayed in this order.

Take a zero trust approach for the questionnaire, as much as it makes sense.
"Never trust, always verify".

Ask for evidences of the vendor answers (reports, screenshots, proecss or policies documents, audit reports, links to certifications, etc.)
If you notice any omissions, errors or imprecise answers, please let us know using the contact form below.
In the event of a "repeat offence" on the part of a supplier, the latter may be temporarily or permanently excluded (yellow or red card!)
You can also use the grid of questions put to suppliers to improve your thinking on issues of strategic autonomy, but also to refine your specifications, obtain information you hadn't necessarily thought of, and better prepare the finalization of your contracts.


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