Why this

Repository ?

Cybersecurity products and services are at the heart of companies, and very often have access to all corporate data. Paradoxically, however, too few clients are interested in the security of these tools.
There are many reasons for this lack of interest: lack of transparency on the part of software publishers, lack of awareness on the part of clients, pressure to use major international brands, lack of a solution repository, lack of tools to measure the risks associated with a solution (whether related to its technical development the vendor's governance, but also the consequences of the vendor's jurisdiction, such as supra-national laws).

42k.io: a repository for buyers and suppliers
Supported by cybersecurity players, users, suppliers and reference organizations, this collective innovation contributes to meeting corporate security challenges by offering a unique reference framework shared by all players.
An incredible human adventure, since more than 80 people have contributed since the working group was launched last September!
- I'm a Cyber editor or an ESN, I publish my products and/or services on 42k.io, I gain in visibility and efficiency (no need to fill in dozens of more or less similar questionnaires).
- I'm a CISO, I consult the 42k.io platform, I easily find the offers that suit me and I know that they comply with European regulations.
- I'm a Risk Director, I consult the 42k.io platform and gain maturity on the issues of strategic autonomy and associated risks, and accelerate the creation of my specifications.

42k.io: a tool for gaining maturity in strategic autonomy issues
Always up to date, accessible to all suppliers, including the smallest players, this repository complements existing initiatives (Anssi qualification, ACN-type catalogs, Hexatrust, etc.).
Sovereignty is a prerogative of States. But it is potentially companies or citizens who have to bear the risks generated by conflicts of sovereignty.
The repository does not seek to measure the "sovereignty" of a solution in absolute terms (as this notion is reflected in significantly different criteria from one project to another), but enables everyone to quickly see whether an offer corresponds to their own needs, thanks to the detailed response grids filled in by the suppliers. On the other hand, it emphasizes the transparency of publishers.

Hall of Fame

Dozens of people are involved in creating and developping the platform, from all corners of the European cyber community.

We'd like to thank them all, on behalf of 42k.io, but also on behalf of the entire ecosystem, for having enabled us to collectively develop this project, which we hope will be beneficial to all.

So many incredible people have been involved in this project that it's likely some of them are missing from this list. If this applies to you, or if you think that one of your colleagues has been overlooked, please let us know so that we can correct the omission as quickly as possible.

... Together, we go further

Benoît Moreau |Cybersecurity Director, Nexter
Stéphanie Buscayret | CISO, Latecoere
Stéphane Darget | Fondateur Lab 42k & Cyberun
Vasco Gomes | Global CTO CyberSecurity, Eviden (an Atos business)
Philippe Loudenot | Directeur de la stratégie cyber, BlueFiles
Sébastien Garnault | Fondateur Garnault Associés
Dominique Tessier | European Championship Alliance (ECA)
Alexandra Sommer | Fondatrice creativeandthinking
Julia Chaulet | Fondatrice, iliadata
Elodie Le Saout | Fondatrice, Moïra Cybersecurity
Antonin Caors
Pierre Brun-Murol | Cybersecurity CTO, Eviden
Dounya Ben-Habib | Fondatrice Cyber8
Didier Bichard | Consultant, Présidence République du Sénégal
Julien Bui | CISO, Fabriq
Yann Magnan | Consultat Deeptechlink
Yohann Bauzil | RSSI, Look UpSpace
Hubert Loiseau | Consultant, Cybiah
Arnaud Cassagne | Fondateur, ACKnowledge
Christophe Pugnoud | RSSI, Actual
Pierre Alexandre Houver | Project manager, Garnault Associés
Alexandre Brianceau | Rudder.io
Victor de Carvalho | Consultant Cybersécurité, OAK Intelligence Consulting
Rameau Mathieu | CISO, Telkea
Bruno Ober | RSSI, CGI

The platform was developed by students from ESILV (Léonard de Vinci, La Défense, France): Valentin Bertogliati, Guillaume Eyssartier, Kerian Huertas, Benoît Tabard, Marc Viallard, under the direction of Walter Peretti, and by students from DIIAGE (Dijon, France), in particular Aimé Banda, Raphaël Coussement, Marjolaine Roger, Baptiste Fontaine, Adrien Lafargue, under the supervision of Michel Girard and Alexis Massey.

This project has also the immense support of :
Amiral Arnaud Coustilliere (Pôle d'Excellence Cyber), Guillaume Tissier (Forum inCyber), Yoann Kassianides (ACN), Benjamin Leroux (Advens), Bénédicte Pillet (CyberCercle), Marc Bothorel, Alain Bouillé (Cesin), Marine de Sury (Cigref), Benoit Grunenwald (ESET), Jean Luc Gibernon (SopraSteria), Arnaud Cassagne (ACKnowledge), Céline Redon (ACESO Conseil), Yosra Jarraya (Astran), Christine Grassi (Lovell Consulting), Caroline Moulin Schwartz, Lucie Poiraud (groupe Atlantic), Sofiane Herida (Lafarge), Michel Gerard (Conscio Tech), Steve Bazin, Kien Tendjoukian (kontron), Laurent Thery (Galeries Lafayette), David Lecarpentier (grtGaz), Louise Bautista (TheGreenBow), Jérôme Freani (@Alternativ)...
and many others we have shamefully failed to mention!
(and, please, if this is your case, contact us so we can make amends)