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It only takes a few hours to register on the platform. The question grids are filled in entirely online (you will be given access once your payment has been validated). You can then update your data at any time.

Answers are your responsibility. In the coming weeks, and at your request, third parties will also be able to certify certain information.

When publishing your answers on the platform, to avoid any risk of mishandling, and to guarantee that the information is received correctly, the final validation is given "humanly" by the team. We'll be with you every step of the way.

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3000 € for 12 months
3 solutions or services in
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1500 € for 12 months
only 1 solution or service in
(no additional products possible)
reserved to less than 3 years old companies or <10 persons
4500 € for 12 months
3 solutions or services in
(+1000€ for 3 additional products)
1 mentoring of a startup

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